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Dog Trendy Shoulder Bag

Dog Trendy Shoulder Bag

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Product Description:
Adjustable Pet Shoulder Bag
1. The shoulder strap has a buckle, which can adjust the length of the shoulder strap, suitable for people of different heights, widen the shoulder strap and do not strangle the neck.
Second, there is a mobile phone pocket on the shoulder strap, which is convenient for storing mobile phones or snacks.
Third, increase the body of the bag, suitable for pets within 13 pounds, (ps: the model is carrying a dog of about 20 pounds), there is no problem with the load-bearing, as long as the owner can carry it.
Fourth, there are safety buttons in the bag and two pairs of buttons at the mouth of the bag to prevent the dog from jumping out of naughty, and the pet shoulder bag is universal throughout the year. Multi-color optional.

Estimated Delivery:

4 to 12 business days

Product information:

Material: Polyester
Capacity: pets within 6.5kg
Pattern: plain
Specifications: dark blue button adjustable pet bag, black button adjustable pet bag, gray button adjustable pet bag, pink button adjustable pet bag
Product name: pet out bag
Are the shoulder straps adjustable: yes

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